Balance of energy


The SRC4U was designed to enhance the body’s energetic systems. Qi Gong provides an entire methodology of healing techniques that have been successfully applied for the millennia. To utilize Qi Gong is to affect the presence of qi in the body and how it relates to emotional, spiritual, physical and environmental input.

SRC4U sends positive energy signals to interact with the signals emitted by all human begin with the intention of balancing those signals and creating an environment in which the immune system can operate optimally.

Vicke Ralls

What is qi?

Qi represents the unseen vital force, a form of energy, that sustains life. Qi runs through the meridians, channels and through each organ. Qi is present in the body from birth. Afterward, it is acquired through ingestion of food, air we breathe and through constant interaction with our surrounding environment. When qi is imbalanced in the body, illness can be the byproduct. Qi Gong is used to correct the imbalance and permit qi to flow freely. Qi is also affected by a person’s emotional state, spiritual quietude or lack of, and corporeal peace or turmoil.

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