SRC4U is designed to enhance the body’s energetic systems.

Maintaining our energy balance can be a struggle in this fast paced world we live in. Our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical fitness is affected by stress and a diverse array of negative energy signals every day.

When there is imbalanced qi in the body, sickness can by the byproduct. That sickness can be mild to reaching serious.

Qi Cong has been known to be effective in improving the effects of many acute and chronic conditions. The traditional Chinese medical community has implemented the use of Qi Gong for many generations, understanding the use for both preventive and curative functionality.

Balance Of Energy Chinese Symbols

It works by improving the individual’s immunity response, increasing a person’s self-healing and self-recovery capabilities and enhancing one’s self-regeneration potential. The SRC4U can send balancing signals to individuals, groups, animals, plants, places and situations.

The SRC4U was designed to enhance the body’s energetic systems. Qi Gong provides an entire methodology of healing techniques that have been successfully applied for the millennia. To utilize Qi Gong is to affect the presence of qi in the body and how it relates to emotional, spiritual, physical and environmental input.

Vickie Ralls Bangkok

About Vickie Ralls

I’m an empathic healer with a high vibration of intuition. I have always been interested in the metaphysical world and have studied different forms over the years. The moment I was introduced to the SRC4U program, I knew this was not another interesting modality, but that it was my destiny.

I have been privately assisting my family, close friends and clients with the SRC4U program since 2013. I have definitely helped impact their mind, body, spirit, in a positive way. I’ve even worked with the dogs and cats.

In 2015 and 2016 I participated in the Health Into Wellness Festival at the Inner Space in Sandy Spring. The time has enabled me to gain experience and build my knowledge. I have also completed the Certification Program for SRC4U and Reiki Training I and II.

You can find me every first Saturday of the month at the EnergChi Yoga Spa on Chesire Bridge Road in Atlanta.

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