Laura in Frederick, Maryland

Ms. Vickie Ralls first ran the SRC4U program for me to help with my stress level and clearing out negative energy which made me feel unbalanced. I have received reiki many times from different healers, and the programs Vickie runs for me definitely produce results which I have never experienced from any other healer. During the first week, I felt less anxious and irritable, and I really started to feel good all day long. I noticed my mind seemed to function sharply, I was tuned into my intuition, and I even experienced clairalience to the point where I could smell distinctly tropical flowers.

Inevitably, the few times I went on vacation last year, that was when I would either find myself sick or in pain from dental work I needed. Naturally, I can’t go to my dentist or doctor when I’m 4 states away from home, and being in serious discomfort, I asked Vickie to run programs for me. Both times I felt better within twelve hours of her running a few programs for me. Vickie was able to run diagnostics and command the programs to fix “all that stuff” that was bothering me and hindering the body’s natural healing process. I felt much better each time after a full night of sleep combined with the healing energy working on me. Thus, I enjoyed relief and was very grateful to be able to get back to relaxing and enjoying my vacation!

Qi Gong healing is one modality within the SRC4U program and is effective in clearing energies that keep us from enjoying our day and feeling healthy and energetic. Where I live, my mood is affected daily by traffic on the road and working with the public in general. Vickie uses a “happy zap” which brightens my mood and makes me feel content and positive about myself.

Also, she is able to run different types of programs that can help maintain balance and communication within the family and personal relationships. This helps both people open up and be understanding with one another. If you have a very challenging relationship with someone you must deal with in your family or at work and your stress level and or health is significantly affected, ask Vickie to run “God’s Court” to evaluate and work on the “case” to resolve it for everyone’s greatest and highest good. But don’t bring petty grievances into God’s Court, because the Almighty will first assess the merits of your case and may reject it if your intentions are impure.

I think everyone should incorporate the programs Vickie uses within SRC4U into their list of “go-to” energy clearing and healing options. The energy is subtle yet powerful and I do not fully comprehend all the ways in which the energy is healing my body, but I have faith that the energy shifts I feel are changing my life and my health for the better and helping me reach my full potential.

Every day is a spiritual journey, but the higher we raise our vibrations, the better able we are to move past the mundane and material and focus on and appreciate the truly meaningful aspects of our lives. I do not expect to reach my goals without improving myself from the inside out, and Vickie most certainly helps me on my spiritual path to fulfilling my life purpose. She is truly a blessing and a teacher, and I know that her healing abilities will only continue to improve, expand, and touch more lives. Thank you, Vickie!

Beth in Middleburg, Virginia

Good morning, Vickie. Thank you so much for your quick answer.

I have absolutely no idea what any of this means. Literally, I’m clueless and I have some questions just so I can better understand.

But, that’s not what I’m writing about, really. I decided to get out of bed last night around 7:00 o’clock. I was just tired of laying there and I needed a visual change. To be perfectly honest, I had completely forgotten you said you were going to do something for me. I was just that preoccupied.

At 7:40 last night I was in the recliner – stretched out watching Oprah. All of a sudden I was instantly aware that I had NO PAIN. It just hit me! I squirmed in the chair moving my belly around – I even coughed hard – just a dull ache. NOT pain.

And, then I remembered you told me you were going to do something. Well, Spirit told me that since you were new to this that I should validate your healing energy and text myself to forward to you the next day. You need feedback from people to know how to feel validated, to know you’re channeling higher energies – and to know what is working and not!

So, I did. (although in the text I spelled your name wrong. My bad) I’m forwarding the text to myself last night that Spirit told me to do so you can know the gift you have given me. (just sent it)

I stayed up late, stayed on fluids. Went to bed and sleep deeply. Very well. I feel alive and awake this morning. Although my belly is still tender I am PAIN-FREE. Whaaa??? I’ve never experienced someone doing this so I’m stoked!


Since some of what you sent to me is running 24 hours I’m eager to report back how I feel tomorrow. Lady, you have to tell me about this program/system you’re using. Like, are you actually doing the QiGong and thinking of me?

We’ll have to talk.

Until then, I’m very grateful for the love and care. What an amazing gift you have!


Sandi, Jefferson MD

Vickie began running programs on me when my energy levels and health were very poor. I have had several back surgeries and more recently, gastrointestinal issues. I have chronic pain from my back and other surgeries and I’m prescribed several pain medications, these, in turn, add to my feelings of being run-down and my inability to sleep for more than 3 hours at a time.

First, I felt a slight difference with my gastrointestinal issues. Then, I noticed a constant improvement such that by week 3, I felt much more comfortable in my own skin without worrying about needing to be near a restroom throughout the day.

Next, I noticed that the pain in my lower back had largely subsided. This amazed me, to say the least. I experienced an overwhelmingly peaceful feeling, felt very clear and without the constant pain. I still had slight pain, but it was much more manageable (from a constant level 6 to a 2, which comes and goes). I also started to sleep more soundly at night.

I now feel better than I have in over ten years, and I’m not exaggerating or being funny, I honestly feel great and this lifts my spirits up and fortifies my faith in divine healing. I have experienced reiki energy healing before and even given it to my husband, but this experience with energy healing from Vickie has renewed my faith in the Lord. My husband has also benefitted from my healing sessions with Vickie, for now, I am making him dinner again, thank you, Vickie you are truly a blessing!

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