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Description of the Pro Tools Panel

Issue Solver

To rebalance a problem or disharmony with another individual or within yourself. Select from the extensive drop-down box or you may insert an item not listed. The energetic signals will, “search for issues, remove issues and clear issues.” A maximum of 2 days may be chosen for the session (or hours). The Issue Solver also allows a reassessment, choose from 1 to 30 minutes if desired.

Elemental Scanner

Enter an individual, object, issue, situation or other matter to scan and rebalance the object, issue or situation. Choose from the extensive drop-down box, or insert an item not listed. Choose what you are scanning, object, issue, situation or other. Under Description, describe what you want to scan. Denote whether what you are scanning is positive, negative or neutral. Using the natural 5 elements; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and 4 energies; Qi, Jing, Shen, Essence, the scanning process commences. A set of positive signals are created that can be sent through the Charge function to reverse disharmony. Choose 1 to 5 minutes, desired repeats and Pauses between Charges.


Enter person/animal, choose a specific symptom(s) from the drop-down box or use Intuitive Discernment. Selected choices are created from Amino Acids, Crystals, Enzymes, Essential Oils, Fatty Acids, Flower Essence, Herbs, Hormones, Minerals, NeuroTransmitters, Super Foods, and Vitamins. The energetic frequencies are then sent for a specific time, repeating and pausing after the specific time to re-evaluate and add or delete from the selection. Optional to use a Cocktail created for specific issues.


Enter person/animal that will be the subject of the Recharger session. Choose from drop-down box or add items. Choose from the following choices to Clear, Balance, Recharge or Regenerate any part of the body, or organ. Optional to choose a menu of specific Cocktails. Choose from multiple timeframes, 1 minute up to 24 hours. Ideal for boosting, fortifying, reinforcing and strengthening your body, health, and wellness.

Aura Scanner

The recipient (person, animal or object) is scanned, cleaned and strengthened over all the Auras; Physical, Taiji Pole (in Chinese means “Great Poles” or “Grand Ultimate”), Chakras (Root, Sacral, Navel, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown) and Energy Fields (Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Astral, Template, Celestial and Casual). These are energy fields that surround the person, animal or object. The column notes the percentages during the processes.

Field Generator

The Field Generator creates a field of energy around the named person, object or location. Select Field Type, (Balancing, Calming, Enhancing, Healing, Love, Relaxing, etc.). Following is the Field Texture (Attracting, Pulsing, Solid, Soothing, etc.). Next is the Field Strength (Light, Normal, High, Maximum or Extreme). Last selection is the Field Size (Minimum to Maximum, or specific 1 foot to 300 meters). Choose to Enhance the Field chosen, load a Cocktail or select Auto Enhancement (which is intuitively driven). Time selection choices are from a minimum of 5 minutes to 24 hours. Optional to Boost the Field.

Acupuncture Panel

Enter person/animal that will be the subject of the Acupuncture session. Select a symptom, or insert a symptom not listed on the extensive drop-down list. Select “for me” field is available and will “do it all” for you in which acupuncture, herbs for the issue will be chosen. The Symptoms, Acu Points, and Herbs will populate in the box. Optional is to manually choose herbs for the issues from an extensive list or load a Cocktail. The timing session is from 5 minutes up to 24 hours.

Emotions Panel

Select or type in the name, select from the extensive drop-down menu of suggested possibilities, or type in the emotion(s) or the issue(s). Rate the intensity of the symptom(s) on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is neutral and 10 is at its worst. The Select Time choice is from a minimum of 5 seconds up to 24 hours. This works immediately to address the issue and balance you emotionally and energetically.

Super Charger

Select a person, place, or object. Select from the extensive drop-down menu, or add in your own issue or situation. The Object menu is limited, or a short detailed description of the object you are going to charge may be inserted. A Cocktail may also be chosen from the menu of cocktails. Charging activates the charging option verses the Clearing option. Clearing activates the Clearing option verses the charging option. Select from the drop-down menu or type energy to imprint. Choose from an extensive list or put in a detailed description of the energetic signal you are looking to imprint, multiple energies may be added to the Charging. For Clearing Options, choose from a 3 option menu or insert your own description of the energetic signal you are looking to clear. Timing: 1 minute runtime = 2 weeks, 2 minutes = 1 month, 3 minutes = 6 weeks, 4 minutes = 2 months, 26 minutes = 1 year and 60 minutes = Permanent. The plus number indicates an increase in strength (1 Year (2+) = 30 minutes runtime and this will affect a charge of 1-year duration at twice the strength of 1 year alone.

Qi Gong Panel

Enter the person and select from the extensive drop-down box or you may insert an entry, not on the list. Select or type Action from the menu list. Cocktails are also available from the cocktail menu. Make your time selection choice from a minimum of 1 minute up to 24 hours. Qi Gong can work on any part of the body.

Sustenance Balancer

Enter person/animal, choose a specific symptom(s) from the extensive drop-down box or use Intuitive Discernment. Select the type of Sustenance and Evaluation process will begin and shows the results of a can relating to the substance chosen. The Balance button balances the result of excesses and deficiencies. They are related to specific areas of the body based on the scan pertaining to the sustenance chosen. Additionally, this panel reflects the amount of enhanced sustenance choice that is dispensed to each are of the body delineated. This tool balances food, liquids, and supplements, anything you have, or will ingest. It then commences the evaluation process. Results of excesses and deficiencies are then balanced. Timing for this session is from 1 minute up to 10 minutes.


Mediation on any situation or problem between you and anyone else, or any place. Insert in Pro if there is a definitive positive viewpoint for Client 1. Insert Con if you know there is a definitive contrary viewpoint for Client 1. Rating the viewpoint, the higher the number the stronger the conviction. Client 1 add issue or issues. When all the information and choices and ratings have been made for both Client 1 and Client 2, the evaluation process proceeds. Mediation Results provides a graph showing the excess vs. deficiency for Client 1 that results from the Evaluation process. This is repeated with Client 2. The rating shows the positive/negative rating for Client 1 and the amount of energy needed to bring Client 1 to harmonic balance and Client 2. Balance Relations for both Client 1 and 2 have been completed, the Balancing process begins. The Intuitive Discernment function of the software will determine the amount of time needed to bring the session into balance. This is also a great tool for your own inner or outer conflicts and issues.

Yes Therapy

Select a person/animal/place and select or type the Type of Action, choosing from 8 preselected option or select your own choice. Select Protocol Type, from 3 preselected Protocols. Select or type in option, or insert an option not listed on the extensive drop-down list. Select remove, clear, balance, lower or raise anything for any issue or situation. Will also clear blocks or problems.

Light Panel

Sends light frequencies to any part of your body you choose, or by selecting Intuitive Discernment will list any issues you have. You can choose from the light frequency spectrum, or permit the Intuitive Discernment function to make the appropriate frequency selections for the session.


Will move any event or experience that isn’t resolved or cleared. It will search for all traumas or issues you enter and the number of events will be shown. It will boost and clear each event from negative to positive and enhance each one. This is also great for anything you haven’t gotten over!

Soul Imaging

Choose from the extensive drop-down menu the imbalance you wish corrected, or allow Intuitive Discernment to determine automatically what imbalance needs to be looked into. After the repair has been corrected, you may select new imbalance and the Soul Imaging panel will seek further corrections that are necessary.

Pathogen Panel

Select from the extensive drop-down menu of possibilities, or insert an item. Intuitive Discernment will automatically select various pathogens or conditions and how long the program needs to run to energetically make corrections.

Reiki Panel

Select the geographical area of the body that you wish to work on, or use Intuitive Discernment. Optional to select the Meditation/Technique which are Reiki symbols, Reiki meditations, Techniques, Tuning Forks, Crystal Singing Bowls, and Tibetan Bowls. Auto Selection will make the choices for you and calculate the correct timing for the session.

Prayer Warrior

Choose the Symptom you wish to work on or choose Intuitive Discernment. There are also premade cocktails as another option. A collection of 5 small databases can be accessed.

The options are:
Spiritual Dispenser
God’s Court
Drink from God
Glory Zone Creator

Instant Healing Prayers activates a comprehensive healing prayer created by Grandmaster David. An Invitation to others to join sends out a wave signal inviting anyone who is willing and interested to join the session. Hymns add the energetic frequencies of hundreds of hymns.

Perverse Energy Reversal. Choose Name, Place of Location. A collection of 11 databases can be accessed individually or collectively.

Pro Tool Selector

Optional to select or type Symptom and Area, or bypass and use Intuitive Discernment function. A list of 10 functions the software will address when making the appropriate selections. The Show Me the Pro Tools to Use for the Task at Hand will display the Pro Tools chosen to be utilized in this session.


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