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Qi-gong enhancement software system that works on all body issues from A to Z. The main program includes over 500,000 items. Each session work on past and present body imbalances. It determines how much you need and will intuitively know how long to run. Some of the special focuses are the body’s deficiencies, emotional blockages, the body’s energy systems, weaknesses, excesses, nutritional, pathogens, balancing the yin and yang for each organ, just to name a few.

The system will perform a client evaluation which consists of 19 Pro Tools (Acupuncture, Aura Scanner, Dispenser, Elemental Scanner, Emotions Panel, Field Generator, Issue Solver, Light Panel, Mediator, Pathogen Panel, Prayer Warrior, Qi Gong, Recharger, Reiki, Soul Imaging, Super Charger, Sustenance Balancer, Timeline, Yes Therapy), SRC4U Premium, Basic, Sh-E-Motion, and eBody.
More on the tools mentioned above:
Sh-E-motion deals with numerous stresses and emotional energy drains that are unique and specific to women. That’s why Sh-E-Motion was designed for women by women.

eBody4U has the ability to enhance the body’s energetic flow and or remove energetic blockages and can have a profound effect in enhancing your fitness level. It is the next line of energetic technological advancements.


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