What is Wei Qi and How Does it Affect Your Body?

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Wei Qi (pronounced whey-chee) is a protective energy field which circulates on the surface of the body, guarding it against external pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, emotional traumas and electromagnetic invasion. It provides an immune system like a barrier. This field communicates with, as well as, interacts with surrounding universal and environmental energy fields. The body must have abundant Qi to maintain Wei Qi.

Both internal and external factors affect the structural formation of the Wei Qi. Internal factors include suppressed emotional influences such as anger and grief. External factors include unhealthy diet, consistent inadequate sleep, environmental influences or chronic conditions such as excessive amounts of Cold, Damp weather, Heat and Wind. Physical traumas also affect the Wei Qi field and drugs, either prescription or illegal. Weakened conditions also include smoking, improper diet, pollution, and stress.

When the body is vulnerable small holes will develop in the energetic fields, thus leaving the individual susceptible for dis-ease to take root. Strong emotions, in the form of toxic energy, can also become trapped in the body’s tissues when we hold back and do not deal with our feelings. Unprocessed emotions block the natural flow of Qi, thus creating stagnant pools of toxic energy with the body. When Wei Qi is weak, pathogens can move to the exterior of the body where one may develop a cold or flu. We are also prone to symptoms such as allergies, asthma and possibly skin problems.

The body has an energy field composed of energetic lines called meridians and channels. Energetic blockages in these channels cause imbalances in the energy field, which can lead to dis-ease. The free flow of energy is needed in the body and energy system for good health and well being.

The Neijing, an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine text states, “To administer medicines to diseases which have already developed and to suppress revolts which have already developed is comparable to the behavior of those persons who begin to dig a well after they have become thirsty, and of those who begin to make their weapons after they have already engaged in battle. Would this action not be too late?”

The SRC4U will recharge your body (clear, balance, recharge or regenerate) at the cell level and generate a beneficial vibrational field of energy around you through the power of Qi Gong. This software emulates Qi Gong energy and is essentially the combination of Qi Gong technology and 21st-century technology.

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