What is SRC4U & How It Works with Energetic Healing

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The SRC4U (Stress Relieving Companion for You) is a first to market software that is a Qi enhancer and targets energetic imbalances and blockages, disrupts those negative patterns and then works on rebuilding the Qi in a positive manner. Qi is a vital energy that impacts the body in a multitude of ways. Grand Master David Harris has combined his 30 plus years of knowledge and experience and working with a software developer designed a new system of software that emulates Qi Gong energy into 21st-century technology. The software contains volumes of information and the machinations that drive the sessions.

What is Qi Gong? It means life energy cultivation and its roots are in Traditional Chinese Medicine, martial arts and philosophy. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) is one of the oldest holistic medical systems in the world and has existed for more than five thousand years. Qi Gong is practiced worldwide for exercise, self-healing, recreation, meditation, prevention and martial arts.

Researchers at Stanford University have studied and concluded that 90% of all disease is caused by stress, including, fear, anxiety, worry, and negative energy such as guilt, shame, and hardship. We are also bombarded by electromagnetic energy fields which distort our energy systems, such as microwaves, cell phones, and computers. These are only a few of the disruptions and imbalances we deal with on a daily basis. The SRC4U helps reduce distress caused by energetic disharmony. All stress creates an energetic imprint that is negative in its origin. Working with a software program interface is a new concept in the field of technology, and countless numbers of individuals have seen positive results. Working with individuals at a distance is no different than face to face because the frequency travels over the airwaves like a cell phone or any other similar device.

The software offers many tools, including Martial Arts, which I will discuss in more detail later. There are also “Cocktails” which are specific to different pains, problems, and situations. As in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the software includes the fundamental practice of Yin and Yang, the two energies that embody universal law, to ensure all things remain in harmony. Also included are the Five Elements; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water are categories that affect our major internal organ systems, body tissue and imbalances in our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The SRC4U seeks to work on the root cause, or causes of the energetic imbalances in mind, body, and spirit. This is the Traditional Chinese Medicine’s approach to healing. There is no point in continually treating symptoms on the surface that are caused by emotions, negative thought patterns, or a lifestyle that is out of balance. They need to be addressed at the root cause, and the SRC4U will clear, balance, recharge or regenerate at the cellular level through the power of Qi Gong.

I was first introduced to the SRC4U in 2013 at a Psychic/Health & Wellness Fair in West Virginia. As I was reading the description of the SRC4U, I was immediately intrigued. I sat down for for a session with Regina and knew immediately this was for me. I signed up for a service of 3 sessions a week for two weeks. Regina would check in with me and how I was doing every couple days. I told her “I just feel lighter, better and have more energy.” We developed a mutual friendship, and she introduced me to Rose, who was a personal friend of Grand Master David. Rose invited me to attend several Skype meetings with a group of individuals who owned the product, and I learned a lot more about their experiences and those of individuals they were assisting. In May 2014, I purchased the Premium Plus software, and by November 2014 I had upgraded to the Professional. I was practicing with all the different tools on myself, some family members and a few close friends. I was becoming more confident in my skills and knowledge. In January 2016 I upgraded to the Mastery and earned a Certification for completing the software training, which focuses on knowledgeable concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong.

As my confidence grew, I took the next step and decided to demonstrate the SRC4U. I participated in the Spring and Fall Health & Wellness Fair in Roswell, Georgia at the Inner Space and again in the Spring of 2017. I have been a monthly vendor at the Enerchi Yoga Spa Psychic Fair every first Saturday of the Month since January 2017.

People have let their minds rule them. Now is the time to learn energy and techniques. Combine all your forces; mind, body, heart, and spirit. Energy is all there is. It moves from cell to cell. You can gain the positive flow of energy through your body, bring it into the force God created to self-heal and be the best you can.

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